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Hello World!

My name is Corey Grant, I am a personal trainer who resides in Spring Texas, which is a suburb just north of Houston, Texas. I am 26 years old and I’ve been a Trainer in some fashion or form for the last 5 years, Rather it be on my own, in a major gym or just casually on my free time.

After a bunch of soul searching Ive decided to come back to the world of fitness and chase my one truly passion in life. A wise man once told me, find something that you love so much that you will do it for free, then find a way to get paid for it and you will never work a day in your life. Well my one true passion is working out and staying in shape, and honestly, I truly enjoy getting people in shape, pushing them to new levels, helping better their quality of life, and overall having a great impact in their lives. I figure what better way to get started than to share My own personal story.

I was born December 29, 1984 in Houston Texas to a young couple named Leonard and Janise Grant. Grew up in a loving home on the City’s north side, in a family full of tremendous love. Growing in homes of tremendous love in Texas usually means growing up in a house with tremendous amounts of calorie rich food. A diet full of good ole’ “rib stickin” soul food definitely turned me into a big “healthy” boy. Which is nothing but a euphemism for fat kid. Which inevitably lead to some teasing growing up as a child, and a few tough times in grade school.

My Dad turned me to sports at an early age, I was playing baseball by the age of 8, even with the increased physical activity I was still a chubby kid, but I was definitely more confident as a young kid. At the age of 12 when I entered Middle school I discovered my first true passion, the sport of Football, this was a game where my size was not only good, but it was an extreme advantage. I took to the game like a fish to water and excelled at it. The Spring after my first football season I was diagnosed with having “Growing Pains” and the doctor suggested either medicine or light weight training program, My day quickly opted for the weights, medicine cost money  and we had free weights at our house so it was a win win.

So my dad took me outside after that doctors visit on that cold dreary February evening for me to get my first weight training session, as I laid back on the dew soaked bench, grabbed the cold iron as some of the rain water drizzled into my eyes, he helped me hoist the weight off as I performed my first set of bench press, it was a set of 8 reps with 45 pounds. I went on that day to max out a whooping 85 pounds on the flat bench. I was hooked from that very day. This spun me into my new passion, which was weight lifting.

So for the next ten years of my life torn up 4 things, the Classroom, the Football field, the Weight room, and Buffet lines. This all eventually lead me to graduating HS with a football scholarship to play at a great small university for 4 years, To which I eventually graduated from College with a degree in business and a whole host of friends and memories.

While in college I continuously self taught myself the finer arts of fitness, training, and filled my mind with as much useful knowledge as possible. Upon graduating it was time for me to get into the “Real World” and get a “Real Job” which basically meant cubicles, shirt, ties, half smiles, and half dreams, and decent pay. So I did that for some time, then one night for ever changed my life. July 27th 2007 I was out hanging with some friends and on my way home ended up being pulled over and charged with a DWI.

I was obviously devastated lost my “good job” and saw my future rolling down the drain. A few days after court, I pulled myself together and went job hunting, I got dressed and went by 15 or 20 different places dropping off resumes and talking with hiring managers to no avail. The last place I stopped was a 24 Hour fitness near my house, and walked out with a job as a sales associate. I did the sales route for a few months before haplessly begging my Club manager to be a trainer. He eventually allowed me to do so and I was in heaven. I hit the ground running and getting new clients and building my base. I was a good trainer, but not a good trainer. They say hindsight is 20/20 and now looking back I had the knowledge for the job, not the discipline for the job.

I’m going to be honest, I was 23 years old, still had a lot of partying left in my system, wasn’t punctual, wasn’t organized, and honestly was not ready. Because of my tremendous knowledge my clients got great results, except for my morning clients for whom I had trouble waking and training while hung over through one bloodshot eye. Eventually it all came to a head and after 3 years I was let go from the position. After loosing my dream job I slowly spun into a never ending cycle of not being able to find work and bad habits.

Then one day, I got up, I looked at myself in the mirror and I did not like what I saw. I did not like the guy who was staring back at me in the mirror, It was this day back in 2009 I decided to take charge of my life once again. My first goal was to loose some weight and regain control of my health, I slowly began to change my diet, and making cut backs on all of my bad habits. From February to September of 2009 I went from 270 pounds to 205 pounds. I went from unemployed to a working man once again.

Working, not at what I loved, but working at what ultimately humbled me and made me more responsible and made me ultimately realize that until I take back control of my life and take control of whats going on. It made me realize, how much better I felt. How I’ve over come addictions without medicine, just good exercise, and some discipline and how much the quality of my life has ultimately improved. I told myself, This is what I am meant to do. I want to teach people how to do what I have done which is take back control of their lives.

When people tell me they have hit rock bottom, I can relate. When people tell me they have addictions I can relate. When people tell me they don’t know where they have lost control of their lives, I can relate. When people tell me, they have no idea where to begin, I can relate. Ive been in all of these places and I want to show people how they can overcome the problems in life, and regain control of their life and begin living it to the fullest.

I want to ignite a Fire in peoples lives. The deep burning fire of passion of life, living, and love. A Balance of happiness and wellness to increase the overall quality of life. This will be more than just a fitness Blog. It will mainly be about fitness, but there will be some motivational stuff here, business ideas and opportunities, Social commentary, Random Rants about things on my mind, and some occasional Silliness because I live by two rules, rule number 1: never take yourself too seriously, rule number 2: always take rule number 1 seriously. Ancient philosophers said laughter is the language of the soul. I want to build your body, stimulate your mind, and entertain your soul

So thanks for coming along this far with me, sit back, relax and enjoy and get ready to ignite a Fire in your life!!


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