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Workout for July 18th

Todays session, I’m easing my way into 6 total body workouts per week, and yes this includes 6 days of squatting so i dialed the volume back a tad from normal



315×5/ 365×5/ 405 x5


Romanian Deadlifts

275×6/ 315×6/ 315×6


Glute Skorchers

315×6/ 365×6/ 365×6


Super High Incline Bench Press

225×5 3 sets


Decline Bench Press/ Deadstop

275×5/ 315×5 2 sets


Weighted Pullups from a dead hang

bw+45×5  3 sets


Ab Rollouts



Good day, could have done more, but had to be mindful of tomorrows workout, so well see how it goes from there


2 Responses to “Workout for July 18th”

  1. how high do you go on the incline press?

  2. On this particular exercise it was 60 degrees, my normal incline is around 30 degrees

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