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New Year New Goals

Well its been entirely to long since ive kept up with this thing, but this is going to be my new blog to allow people to follow me on my competition journey and ask questions as needed and ill be offering up some helpful training advice as well


well get you guys caught up with my last two workouts


last workout of 2012







first time squatting after some lower back rehab and all these felt great


Sissy Smith squats

225×12 3 sets


Bulgarian squats

120×12 3 sets


Reverse Lunges from deficit

100×12 3 sets


Hack Squats





forgot how much i love squatting legs felt amazing


First workout of the year


1/1/2013 Big Back Workout





One Arm DB Rows

100×15 per arm 3 sets


Standing T-bar Rows

135×12 3 sets


Lat stretchers

140×12 2 sets


Rack Pulls

315×10 3 sets


Im starting out conditioning my muscles for higher rep work and more hypertrophy so this is a process that im excited about once again




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