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Squat Variations

April 3, 2011

In the last article I talked about the benefits of the Squat and what it can do when properly implemented into your fitness regiment. Now I will give you a list of variations on the Squat and there level of difficulty Back Squat: Beginner This is the traditional Squat, Bar on the back , feet […]

The Mighty Squat

April 3, 2011

In my first article I dubbed the Deadlift to be the King of all exercises, well I lied, kind of. There are Two kings of the ring sort of speak when it comes to the Iron game and I’m here to introduce the Deadlifts twin brother, the Mighty Squat Ill begin with a small Poem… […]

The Kings Knight Table

April 3, 2011

In the last article I went into explanation of the King of all Exercises, the Deadlift. From benefits for fitness athletes, to regular joe’s, and how to perform the Deadlift as well from the set up, to the lift, to the descent. Now I will venture off and explain a few of the different variations […]

King of All Exercises

April 3, 2011

I often get asked a lot, “Hey man how do I get bigger?” or “Hey I have been doing a lot of *insert random upperbody exercise* and I still cant gain any weight” too which my next often question is “How much do you Deadlift?” Which then usually leaves them with the calf looking at […]